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New research found on these popular seeds are found to pack a powerful punch in the health category. They may be one of the best sources of minerals in all of the nuts and seeds. Look at some of the amazing benefits of what these seeds can bring to your health. Not only can they help with reducing inflammation, they also can ... Read more
Stone from Oregon Writes: I am 42 and over the last several months I have been very low in energy. My diet is pretty good and I exercise four to five times per week. My strength has been decreasing and I am not burning the belly fat like I should. My doctor did a blood test and said I have low testosterone. What are your thoughts?... Read more
These super vegetables are very good for the liver and stomach, and they act as a powerful detoxifier too.  That means that it purifies the blood and eliminating toxins and waste. It is extremely useful because it removes bilirubin and also keeps its production at a stable level. It also reduces the destruction of red... Read more
Debbie from Florida writes: I have been dealing with low energy levels over the last six months. What do you think could be the cause? Hi Debbie, You are not in the minority when it comes to energy levels. So many people each day struggle to get their engines moving and to have enough energy and vitality to make it through the... Read more