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Elena From Boston Writes: I am 53 and have just gone through menopause. My doctor is suggesting that I consider hormone replacement therapy. My friend had a negative experience with HRT. What are my options? Can I do anything naturally? Dear Elena, There is much confusion regarding hormone replacement therapy. For many years... Read more
As physicians we are always making a big deal about how if you can at least walk it will make a great impact on our health. It’s true. It is suggested by most studies now that we should exercise (walk) at least 150 minutes a week for optimal health. The main reason walking is so important for our health is because we are so inactive... Read more
Tommy From Arizona Writes: My greatest challenge recently has been losing the belly fat. I have been exercising and eating healthy for the last several years. My doctor says everything is fine. I am 56 and I feel like my body is not working the way it used to. My energy levels are down as well. Any thoughts? Dear Tommy, The... Read more
Not only does this vitamin strengthen "entry points" into the human body, such as mucous membranes, the lining of the eyes, respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts, it is also essential for the lymphocytes, or white blood cells, that fight infection once in the body. This vitamin, when converted into the retinal (retinaldehyde) form,... Read more