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Gabe from Florida Writes: My doctor recently said that I have a higher than normal kidney number on my lab test. He mentioned that I should drink more water and that we need to “keep an eye” on things. What can I do on my own to make sure my kidneys are staying healthy? Dear Gabe, Our kidneys are one of our most vital organs in... Read more
Given their exceptionally strong nutrient composition, we've been surprised at the relatively small amount of research specifically focused on green peas as a health-supporting food. Green peas have been largely overlooked in research studies on legumes, which have tended to concentrate only on beans. In studies where the health benefits... Read more
Phenolic compounds in this superfruit—including flavonoids, carotenoids, and triterpenoids—make this fruit a choice for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits. If you had to pick a single nutrient from this anti-inflammatory and antioxidant category that has put this fruit on the map for physical performance and... Read more
Teresa from Arizona writes:  I am 33 years old and really wanting to protect my skin from being damaged by the sun. I hear that sunscreen is good and I wear it daily. What else can I be doing to protect my skin from aging too quickly? Dear Teresa, I think its great that you are using sunscreen. Our skin is technically our... Read more